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Vio-Lence - Eternal Nightmare (1988, 2005 Reissue)

(a capa da reedição é toda fudida assim mesmo!)

Debut discográfico de Robb Flynn e Phil Demmel, do Machine Head, e uma das estreias mais, hum, vio-lentas da história do thrash metal. Essa reedição de 2005 inclui um CD-bônus com a apresentação no concerto Thrash of the Titans, em benefício ao Chuck Billy (frontman do Testament), na época com um tipo raro de câncer.

No mais, assino embaixo as impressões certeiras do Classic Thrash:

"I remember the very first time when I was listening to this album. After the first minute or so, I couldn't help but start laughing - not because of the vocals or anything like that, it was just the sheer intensity of the music that really struck me hard. Except for maybe Slayer's Reign In Blood, I had never heard anything so hilariously violent in thrash metal before. In my opinion, Eternal Nightmare is one of the best thrash metal debuts ever and a nearly perfect album. It starts off with furious speed and keeps it up until the very end, no slowdowns between. The songs are such wonderful riff-fests that to find another full-length album with anything similar you really need to try. I know many people disliked Vio-lence because of Sean Killian's vocals, but at least on this album his howling voice sounds just fine to me and helps to create the distinguishable sound of Vio-lence. If you want to take a really good nostalgia trip to the heydays of thrash metal, this is definitely one album to pick up."

1. "Eternal Nightmare"
‪2.‬ "Serial Killer"
‪3.‬ "Phobophobia"
‪4.‬ "Calling in the Coroner"
‪5.‬ "T.D.S. (Take It as You Will)"
‪6.‬ "Bodies on Bodies"
‪7.‬ "Kill on Command"

Bonus Disc (Live at Thrash of the Titans concert, recorded August 11, 2001)
‪1. ‬"Liquid Courage"
‪2.‬ "Ageless Eyes"
‪3.‬ "Calling In The Coroner"
‪4.‬ "World In A World"
‪5.‬ "Officer Nice"
‪6.‬ "Subterfuge"
‪7.‬ "Kill On Command"
‪8.‬ "Phobophopbia"
‪9.‬ "Bodies On Bodies"
‪10.‬ "I Profit"
‪11.‬ "T.D.S. (Take It As You Will)"
‪12.‬ "Paraplegic"

Eternal Nightmare (1988, 2005 Reissue), pt. 1
Eternal Nightmare (1988, 2005 Reissue), pt. 2
320 kbps (228,85 MB)

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